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Machine Way Cover Repair Tips

Typical way cover problems
Way cover installation Tips
Waycover Preventive Maintenance

Way cover repair services available for the following...
  • Metal Way covers
  • Bellows waycovers
  • Roll up machine waycovers
  • Telescopic Way Covers
  • Apron Way Covers
  • Wall Way covers
  • Way cover kits

CNC Machine Waycover repair from the CNC Specialty Store.

waycover repair companyMachine Waycover installation Tips and best practice when installing waycovers for CNC

CNC waycovers fail for a reason. Its your job to figure out why. See typical machine waycover failure problems for more info

  • Start with cleaning the complete area where the way cover is installed.
  • Next make sure any drainage whole in the casting area and corners drain properly to prevent future build up.
  • Any bolts that are used should be replaced, including any main pivoting bolts used. This is important!
  • Polish with emery or soft wire wheel any waycovers that have residue on them so its a nice shiny smooth surface.
  • Make sure all rollers that run on top of the ways or machine casting roll freely.
  • Look for all bumpers that are installed on each slat if equipped for smooth quiet operation.
  • After installation lubricate the cover before moving. Spray oil or coolant on it. Larger covers need lubrication due to its size.
  • Make sure way cover does not look like it is twisted in any way when mounting. Sometimes running a straight edge along the side of it will help to see how the alignment is.
  • Hand wheel the CNC axis the full length of stroke slowly to make sure nothing binds.
  • Put a program in the machine that runs the axis full stroke at a slow feed rate and let run for 15 minutes to make sure there are no problems.

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Waycover repair company
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Typical turn around time for most way cover repairs is 2-3 days.