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Machine Way Cover Repair Tips

Typical way cover problems
Way cover installation Tips
Waycover Preventive Maintenance

Way cover repair services available for the following...
  • Metal Way covers
  • Bellows waycovers
  • Roll up machine waycovers
  • Telescopic Way Covers
  • Apron Way Covers
  • Wall Way covers
  • Way cover kits

CNC Machine Waycover repair from the CNC Specialty Store.

Waycover Preventative Maintenance Tips & PM Practices

CNC preventive maintenance is a key to keeping machines running. Waycover failure occurs most often times due to lack of waycover preventive maintenance. Below are some waycover preventive procedures you can perform to help keep maximum uptime on your CNC and save costs in way cover repair.

  • Spray down all waycovers weekly. If you do not have an extra coolant hose attached to your coolant pump install on now.
  • Take an emery cloth and wipe down the waycovers that have built up residue on them so they are smooth and clean to keep chips from sticking and keep the waycovers sliding freely.
  • Redirect any coolant flush systems setup to properly keep chips off of waycovers.
  • Pull back waycovers and clean under the covers as well as in the corners where each slat slides.
  • Replace any wipers that are damaged
  • Silicone all waycovers to prevent coolant and chips from going underneath them.

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Typical turn around time for most way cover repairs is 2-3 days.