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Way cover quote process  
  1. Please email quality pictures to sales@cncspecialtystore.com or drop in our online dropbox (request login info). Take in quality lighting if possible ao all damage and angle shots of flat area of waycovers.
  2. Email or Fax dimensions of waycovers both extended and retracted.
  3. Note all locations visible for damage, bowing, ect.
  4. We will provide you with an estimate generally within 24 hours
  5. Upon acceptance way covers can be shipped to us.
  6. If no major discreptancies exist that we were not aware of during the quoting process are found we will let you know before we proceed for the repair. We will request payment via credit card or check before work is started.
  7. After completion pictures are taken of completed way cover before shipment.
  8. Shipping costs will not be included in quote and will be either billed separate or put on recievers shipping account.
  9. Please review our waycover installation recommendations to eliminate problems with installation.

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